We are a local Calgary brand and our mission is to bring simplicity to the modern day family.


  • Would 100% buy again

    I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and neither of these things were an issue. The suction is so strong. These plates are not budging unless you use the lip on the suction to remove. Absolutely amazing. Super easy to wash.

    - Rebecca

  • Highly recommend 10/10.

    I love this set! Comes with a pair of everything and it's easy to clean, stays on the surface, cute colors, doesn't hold onto stains good sized spaces for portions, and the bowls come with lids.

    - Julia

  • So Handy

    My baby loves that he can hold these easily and I love that I can load then with food and it stays on. Soon he will be able to use them for practicing scooping his own food!

    - Sue