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Dental Floss Picks

Dental Floss Picks

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  • KID FRIENDLY DESIGN- Our picks were specially made with kids in mind. The cute and colorful design makes flossing fun and the small floss head allows the picks to be easily maneuvered in small mouths
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Our floss picks are made from a plant-based hardened cornstarch material and recycled nylon, so you can reduce your environmental impact without sacrificing the convenience of disposable floss picks.
  • PLASTIC FREE: Our floss picks are 100% plastic-free and come in a compostable paper box!
  • DURABLE: Even when flossing tough-to-reach teeth, our floss picks maintain their shape & durability so you don't need to worry about flimsy plastics.


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Our Silicone baby products are BPA free, making it a safer choice for your little ones. Our Silicone products are flexible and very soft in material.