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Suction Plates - Set of 4 - Neutral

Suction Plates - Set of 4 - Neutral

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  • This quintessential baby plate set includes 4 uniquely coloured silicone suction plates in precious pink, grassy green, marbled grey, and sky-coloured blue! The deeply walled sections of each of our silicone baby plates provides the freedom for a decent-sized portion of 3 different snacks :)
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS- Committed to the safety and health of your little one, we ensure our products are made from 100% food-grade silicone, are BPA free, and contain no harmful chemicals.
  • PREMIUM MESS-FREE DESIGN - Our super strong suction design guarantees an easy spill and slip-free feeding time! For the best results, ensure to place your plate on a smooth surface, add a few drops of water to the bottom of the suction, and press down firmly.
  • EFFORTLESS CLEAN-UPS! - Our easy lifting tabs and non-stick silicone allows for an ultra efficient clean-up!
  • MICROWAVE, DISHWASHER & FREEZER SAFE!- To help you cater to your young-ones, our durable baby plates are designed to withstand both high and low temperatures.


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Our Silicone baby products are BPA free, making it a safer choice for your little ones. Our Silicone products are flexible and very soft in material.