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Tummy Time Water Mats - Set of 2

Tummy Time Water Mats - Set of 2

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  • EXPLORE - Let tummy time be fun while exploring our custom Dinosaur and Universe theme playmats. Heighten sensory development and physical development at the same time.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Your safety is our first priority. Our tummy time water mats are made from BPA-free and Non-toxic heavy PVC. They are leak-proof and will give your little one endless amounts of development.
  • SENSORY DEVELOPMENT - Babies will enjoy the beautiful array of colors we have chosen for our mats. Each mat will offer a unique visual experience for them to enjoy. Get them started early on their love for dinosaurs and the universe.
  • PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT - As parents, we know the importance of tummy time and the physical benefits it brings. Our mats invite babies to playfully develop strong neck and shoulder muscles. The fun floating pieces inside will challenge hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • 2 PACK - Heighten your little one’s senses and development with this amazing 2 pack. Our custom Dinosaur and Universe theme will not disappoint.


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Our Silicone baby products are BPA free, making it a safer choice for your little ones. Our Silicone products are flexible and very soft in material.